Sanlorenzo to Present Collectors Lounge at Art Basel Hong Kong 2023

As global partners of the most exclusive modern art shows and events, and in line with their ongoing art commitment, Sanlorenzo is set to present its Collectors Lounge with a custom made art installation at the upcoming Art Basel Hong Kong on 21-25 March 2023 in Hong Kong.

Sanlorenzo first established its global exclusive partnership with Art Basel in 2018, including presence at all the art fairs in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong. The Collectors Lounge is the perfect opportunity for Sanlorenzo owners and art collectors to gather together and share ideas and knowledge in an inspiring artistic environment.

Over the years the shipyard has undertaken many initiatives around the world of art including presenting exclusive art lounges, collaborating with local artists such as McArthur Binion, Emil Michael Klein, Arcangelo Sassolino, Tony Lewis, Alixe Fu and many notable others.

In addition to Art Basel, the shipyard presents art projects and installations at various other art and design events around the globe, such as Paris+ by Art Basel, Milan Design Week, and Venice Biennale. It also supports selected modern art galleries and institutions throughout the world. For that reason, and in line with the yard’s long term commitment to art, Sanlorenzo created a dedicated department, Sanlorenzo Arts, to oversee and develop these collaborations.

Sanlorenzo Arts delivers an active and interactive focus for projects focusing on urgent issues and topics of today’s world, and also in history. Themes such as identity and human development are addressed by delving into long conversations with artists, designers, and thinkers. Sanlorenzo Arts is a journey of discovery and surprise, of continuous encounters and activities, by building meaning and value, ready to set sail for new latitudes. Sanlorenzo Arts has created a stable instrument of investigation that offers new points of view, exploring issues such as sustainability, the environment, research, technology, nature, and, above all, the human – yet all through the eyes, the poetry, and the astonishment of the arts.
At Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 Sanlorenzo will present their much-anticipated Collectors Lounge with artwork by Li Qing, curated by Flash Art.

Li Qing was born in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province in 1981 and he lives and works in Hangzhou and Shanghai. His paintings, installations and video works seek rational rifts in similarity and contradiction, acting on the perception and acknowledgment of a viewer through circuitous and overlapped structures. In recent years his works track the historical fragmentation and ideological conflicts that have occurred widely in the dissemination of information, collective memory, and knowledge experience. Simultaneously, his works are testing the tension and contradiction between image, language, symbols and social space, connecting the multi-level elements of experience in series to construct a conflict structure. The capture of micro-politics in everyday spaces and images, the questioning of political identity in aesthetic tradition, and the observation on the identity of Chinese art in the context of global art, all reflect his historical consciousness among the younger generation of Chinese artists.
For Sanlorenzo, Li Qing has conceived an entirely new work consisting of one main piece reflecting the relationship between humanity and nature. The connection between Sanlorenzo and Li Qing’s piece shines a new light on the world of seascape and navigation, through the different perspectives and study on the figure of the lighthouse.
The whole lounge will highlight a geometric sensibility. Macro spatial perceptions of the city and nature constantly inform the work. In the conflict and reverberation between the man-made and the natural, the beauty of colour and structure lead us to an unknown utopia. Double worlds intertwine: futuristic, utopian architectures overhanging the sea are traced by the geometry of wooden structures, defined by the human brain.
Please mark the Art Basel Hong Kong dates in your events calendar and join Sanlorenzo at Asia’s biggest art show, now fully back to its usual scope and welcoming collectors from around the world. If you would like to receive your access to Sanlorenzo’s Collectors Lounge, please contact your Sanlorenzo Asia/Simpson Marine broker or reach out to us at